Monday, November 9, 2009

What are the possible side effects of aspirin and Carisoprodol?

If you experience any of the following serious side effects, stop taking Aspirin and Carisoprodol and seek emergency medical attention or contact your doctor immediately:

* An allergic reaction (difficulty breathing, closing of throat, swelling of lips, tongue, or face, or hives); * Paralysis (loss of feeling) or extreme weakness; * The loss of vision; * Agitation or tremor; * Red, black or bloody stools, or * Bloody vomit.

Other less serious side effects May be more likely to occur. Continue to take aspirin and Carisoprodol and talk to your doctor if you experience

* Drowsiness or dizziness; * Headache; * Depression; * Blurred vision; * Insomnia; * Hiccups; * Slight ringing in the ears, or * Nausea or diarrhea.

Side effects other than those listed here also occur in May Talk to your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual or that is especially bothersome. What other drugs will affect aspirin and Carisoprodol?

Drowsiness or dizziness caused by Carisoprodol May be increased by other drugs such as antidepressants, alcohol, antihistamines, sedatives (used to treat insomnia), other pain relievers, anxiety of medicines, and muscle relaxants. Together, these dangerous drugs May cause sedation, may result in unconsciousness and death. Talk to your doctor all medications you are taking, and do not take any medicine without first talking to your doctor. Do not take aspirin and Carisoprodol without first talking to your doctor if you are taking any of the following:

* A anticoagulant such as warfarin (Coumadin), heparin, enoxaparin (Lovenox), dalteparin (Fragmin), danaparoid (Orgaran) ardeparin (Normiflo), or tinzaparin (Innohep); * An anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, Nuprin, others), ketoprofen (Orudis, Orudis KT, Oruvail), naproxen (Naprosyn, Anaprox, Aleve), diclofenac (Voltaren, Cataflam) , nabumetone (Relafen), oxaprozin (Daypro), piroxicam (Feldene), etodolac (lodine), fenoprofen (Nalfon), flurbiprofen (Ansaid), indomethacin (Indocin), ketorolac (Toradol), sulindac (Clinoril), or tolmetin ( Tolectin), or * Another salicylate such as aspirin (Acuprin, Ecotrin, Ascriptin, Bayer, others), choline salicylate and / or magnesium salicylate (Magan, Doan, Bayer Select the form of back pain, Mobidin, Arthropan, Trilisate , Tricosal), or salsalate (Disalcid).

May you be unable to take aspirin and Carisoprodol in May or you need a dosage adjustment or special monitoring if you take drugs mentioned above.

Medicines other than those listed here in May also interact with aspirin and Carisoprodol. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist before taking any prescription or over the counter medications.